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I was provided with a copy for review from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

OK, for those of you who know me you know I loves me a series, and I’ve been waiting for some time to read this last book in the Sinners series, it’s actually book number 4 but the author’s publisher in their infinite lack of wisdom released the last two books out of order thereby providing spoilers in what was meant to be book 5 but was released 4th.  But don’t let this publisher disservice stop you, this book was a well thought, well crafted continuation of the series.

Eric Sticks, the bands ultra-sexy drummer gets his story told in this captivating installment.  After the bus crash, with their front of house (FoH) engineer recovering from his injuries the band is stuck high and dry as they are about to go back on the road.  Their currently out of commission FoH recommend his sister who has just completed her professional schooling to be a sound engineer, at least temporarily until he’s back in the saddle.  Upon meeting her our main man Sticks falls desperately in lust with Rebekah Blake, a petite hottie who seems to only have eyes for Trey (just like every other groupie, male or female, ever).

Rebekah is nervous but sure of herself and her abilities in a male dominated world.  Eric gives the idea some serious support and the band, sans Brian agree to it, on a trial basis.  Eric is blinded by lust just a little, but as we’ve learned, and continue to learn Eric may be the most kind and softhearted of all the Sinners.

Rebekah has her own agenda in this situation, prove she’s got the balls to do a job like this, and to get beyond her past and her illness and become a woman again.  After some sabotage, and some sweetly supportive moments by Eric (and convincing her he’s better than Trey) the two embark on a wild, and somewhat kinky ride.  Oh it’s just a fling, but we’ve all read that story before and before we know it our two lovers are in over their head and confused about a lot of things.

The book handles the baggage of both characters very well, and since you’ve read book 5 already you know how this all ends, but the journey getting there is a well worth it, hot and steamy read with plenty of rock-n-roll, sex and sweetness.

Do not hesitate to pick this one up and give it a read ASAP.  My set up doesn’t allow for half stars but this is definitely a 4.5 star read.  Thanks Olivia, can’t wait to read the upcoming Exodus End series where I’m hoping you’ll let us keep glimpsing into the lives of some of my very favorite rockers.

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