As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Alice Clayton Genre: , ,

My TBR “pile” is insane, like well over 200 insane, so how did a book that was released on Monday this week jump to the top?  Hype, plain and simple, between my Facebook book groups and other venues I heard nothing but how fucking amazing this book was and how it would shoot up the best seller list.

They weren’t kidding, this book was hands down one of the funniest books I’ve read in ages, and it was also a romance, not your usual combination, at least not usually done well, in fact the only other author I’ve read do this well is RL Matthewson and the Neighbor From Hell Series (seriously, run don’t walk to click and buy them all).

Caroline Reynolds is a young professional living in San Francisco, living with her KitchenAid mixer, her cat Clive and a great group of friends, only one problem in Caroline’s life, she’s lost her O, and we don’t mean her subscription to Oprah’s magazine, a bad experience with her most recent relationship, a person who was described as a machine-gun fucker has robbed her of it, since her encounter with him she has been O free, and not for lack of trying, fantasies of Jordan Catalano, post-Caesar haircut Clooney, nothing brings it back.

Unfortunately sexually frustrated Caroline has just moved into an apartment next to Simon Parker, the titular Wallbanger.  Her first night sleeping in her apartment after settling in to bed her wall starts to shake, an bang and then enough banging and shaking and a picture falls off the wall and on to her head.  Sure, one night might be ok, but it’s night after night, and it appears it isn’t just one lady it’s 3 (consecutively not concurrently, he’s good but not THAT good), affectionately nickname Spanx, Purina and Giggles, each for reasons which become obvious.

After several nights of this a pissed Caroline storms over and bangs on the door, in a pink nightie no less and gives Simon, who answers wearing a sheet, a hard-on and a smile, a piece of her mind.  I think we can all see where this is going.

After their hallway altercation they run into each other at a party, apparently they have mutual friends, they are both their with their two besties, who end up falling for each other pulling Wallbanger and Pink Nightie Girl along for the ride.

They decide to call a truce, and maybe even become friends, mayhem and hilarity ensue.

Will Caroline get her O back, will Simon be able to keep up with his harem, will Clive ever get his true love Purina to love him back?

Hop over to Amazon/B&N/KOBO, who ever your bookseller of choice is and buy it, because you need to know how it all turns out…

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