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If anyone could make you feel warm and fuzzy and fall in love with a sadist it would be Cherise Sinclair.  This long awaited chapter in the Shadowlands series has had many a Cherise fans wringing our hands for months waiting for contract stuff to be settled, and I think we’ve waited pretty patiently, but the wait is indeed over, and my friends, it was worth every moment of the wait.

For those unfamiliar with the series, first, shame on you, second, step away from the review and go read the previous 6, and every thing else she’s written and come on back…

OK, so where were we?  Our story picks up as Linda, finally freed from her ordeal is trying to fold herself back into her life, doing her part to help the Feds to take down the Harvest Association, and just wanting to be “normal.”  But how does one become normal again after living through her ordeal?  How do you deny your own nature?  How do you forget the man who saved you, but for whom you ultimately harbor at least some hatred?

Sam is hard, he is gritty, he is like a gravel road all churned up and messy.  He’s also a farmer, a dad, and the unfortunate owner of one junkie psycho ex-wife.  Said ex-wife has made his life difficult, and the damage this woman has done to their daughter is a damn shame, if not criminal.  Sam own’s who he is, he’s a sadist, and he knows what he needs to be fulfilled in that area of his life.

Linda is soft, sweet, she sings, makes baskets and runs a wonderful tourist trap tchotchke free gift shop in her little town.  Rumors swirl about why she’s been away, and whether she’s brought it all on herself.  Heck the gossip they hear through the local newspaper’s reporting even make her kids think the same thing.  Linda is a masochist, but she eschews that life, and that need in the hopes of being normal.

Stalked by a vandal painting vulgarities on her house, like it or not Sam will be coming in to sort things out.  He feels affection for her, although is scars make it hard for him to recognize it as such.  She feels the same, but is adamant that she does not need the lifestyle to be a happy productive person.

The book isn’t all dark, Jessica’s bachelorette party and the interactions with her fellow Shadowlands subs bring some levity to a deeply emotional tale.

In my humble opinion it is the best volume in the series bar none.  Maybe it’s because I have older children and am not at the same stage as some of the other relationships we’ve seen thus far but I connected with Linda on a much deeper level.  I’m no masochist, but I can see this all through her eyes with great ease, and that is in no small part thanks to the wonderful writing of Cherise Sinclair.

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