As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Everly Drummond Genre: , ,

Welcome back to Cara Gadero who will be sharing her review of the next book in the Winemaker’s series…

In this second novella of The Winemakers Feast we meet Jaden Thorne. She is a young chef in a prestigious Miami restaurant, Bianca‘s. I like how she feels overwhelmed in the kitchen but at the same time knows she can’t fail. She certainly is tenacious. You immediately feel a very different taste of not only character but also in emotional response from the previous novella. Jaden is a small town girl from Estes Park, Colorado who appears to be sweet, hardworking but definitely not as worldly or mature as you would think she would be having landed such a prestigious head chef position. She’s focused on her career, but also wishes for a more sexual social life. I got the impression that under that sweet bashful veneer lies the soul of a sexual diva.

We get a small glimpse of her past when she remembers a sweet moment in her dreams with her ex Jarred. Somehow I got the feeling we needed a little more information about her and her past. This dream somehow gives us a little hint as to what type of girlfriend, Jaden Thorne will be. She definitely sparked my interest in wanting to follow her into the social scene of her first big event. This novella definitely leaves you wanting for more.

Kudos to Everly Drummond for bringing what I expect to be a wonderful adventure into the lives of two young people crashing into each other and finding love.

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