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Author: Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko Genre: , ,

Welcome back to Cara Gadero, for the next installment of the Winemaker’s series… Also, the final book in the series, Desserts will be out on April 30th and Cara has graciously agreed to write a review for Dr. Ivan’s final chapter…

The writing team of Dr. Ivan Rusilko and Everly Drummond has reached to truly amazing in this second book.  “Entree‘” begins a few months after “Appetizer’s” had ended happily. It’s a titillating ride for your scenes full of twists and turns. As the story unfolds, we see Jaden in L.A. and Ivan in Miami, these two young lovers are attempting to make a long distance relationship work.  Something  Ivan never wanted to do; however, they seem to be keeping their professional and personal lives working well. After being apart for weeks,  Ivan surprises Jaden by flying out to LA and coming to the set of her cooking show. Immediately, even while in the middle of a taping of a segment, she senses his presence and her passion for him takes over.  The way she flys into his arms is breathtaking.  You can feel their love for each other and can only anticipate how they will make up for lost time.

This book definitely will fill your desire for heat and romance. But, there is a story to be told here with plenty of angst. Right off the bat, Jaden’s career is threatened by a spoiled, womanizing man,  Damien who is slated to be her new co-host.  Damien sees a challenge in Jaden. He’s used to getting his way and every woman who he’s come in contact with has always swooned over his obvious presence.  She is not happy about this new addition to HER show.  We soon learn that not only is he vying for the new place in the show but also in Jaden’s bed.  Can Jaden stay true to her love for Ivan? Can he prove to be a threat to Jaden’s and Ivan’s relationship?
Once again, I’m overwhelmed by the effect that this book has had on my soul. It’s an amazing book but be prepared…..I cried, I prayed and I even had to stop reading at one point to deal with my anger. I definitely did not like Jaden in this book.  I was still waiting for her to give back to Ivan some type of appreciation for all he’s done for her.  Instead, she loses my love and definitely will need to rectify her behavior in my eyes to even be worthy of Ivan’s affections.

Ivan is still sex on a stick. He’s thoughtful and romantic.  He is head over heels in love.  He contemplates and plans a future with Jaden.  For the first time, we get to see an insecure Ivan.  His insecurities are laid out and his soul is bared.

As for Jaden, she begins this little angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Both  playing with Jaden’s insecurities and concerns about Ivan being in Miami. I was annoyed with her throughout this book.  I don’t think Ivan could have been a better boyfriend, lover or confidante. What was she thinking?!?
We do get to meet somewhat territorial Ivan. I loved when Ivan and Damien meet for the first time and get into a pissing contest.  He definitely irks Ivan and he proceeds with Jaden’s help to put Damien in his place. Kudos!!!

Here’s a taste of some of my favorite quotes….I’m sure they will be yours as well.

“Your love has become the very definition of my smile…and I love to smile.”

“But right in this moment, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that you are the destiny I’d risk everything for.”

“Real love is a privilege only a few ever enjoy. How long it lasts is inconsequential. It’s what you do with the time when this feeling is shared that makes it special.”

Jaden, in a world filled with heartache, pain, and uncertainty…your love is the mountain I needed to climb, the song I needed to sing, and the chance I needed to take. I wanted to know what love could be, and I found the answer in you. You’re everything to me.”
I loved Entrée even more than Appetizers……Ivan is a beautiful soul who is loving, sensuous, romantic man who continues to open his heart in this book….can’t wait for Desserts……and hopefully his HEA!!

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