As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Ivan Rusilko Genre: , , ,

A HUGE thanks and a Welcome back to Cara Gadero for the final installment of the Winemaker’s series… hope you’ve got a sweet tooth…

Dessert starts off with a bang….literally! Its been six months since that faithful night when Ivan poured his heart and soul out to what he believed would be his happily ever after. His life has taken a definite dark turn filled with raw emotions and meaningless encounters. The sex is hot, plentiful and dominant. Ivan is losing a piece of himself with each nameless, mindless sexual encounter while trying to recapture his bliss.

Ivan truly writes a raw version of himself. I love the way he creates an alter ego to deal with the dominance he NEEDS to have to keep control on his faltering soul. The detachment makes the story line easier to swallow in the hopes that this really isn’t the Ivan we love using each sexual encounters to satisfy the beast of anger and hatred within him. I found that I too seemed to be entering the same hell he was inhabiting, almost a coffin of sorts, on more than one occasion. His use of descriptive words truly had me picturing that decent into hell. The addiction to feel and overcome was truly like a drug the he needed to swallow.

Life was nothing more than a faded black-and-white movie now, and the occasional thirty minutes of sex, endorphins, and vivid imagination were his sole glimpses of the once-familiar rainbow palette of colors that had painted his mornings and brightened the nights lost in her gaze. But these glimpses were just a mirage.”

Jaden, dare I say has matured in this book. Having not been a fan of hers in previous books; I was relieved to feel empathy for her in Dessert. She’s heading back to Miami for a well-deserved break from filming and what she hopes will be the chance to set things straight by finally meeting Ivan face to face.

As I read this book filled with the music that he uses so eloquently in each chapter title; I had Kelly Clarkson playing in my head. “Because of You” and “Catch my Breath” would have been my chapter titles. Jaden caused the fall and his turning himself into a false smiling face for his practice; kept these songs replaying in my head.

The decision to write this book alone was a wise one. He definitely has fine tuned his literary voice in the novel. The transition from co-author to sole author is seamless. The book is Ivan’s journey down to hell and back to redemption and only he could write this course. The writing is superb. The descriptions are vivid. His words grab your heart and pull the strings. You are visualizing the return of his colorful world. You want to see him champion over his freak.

Just need to throw a few teases out there: OMG the Dreamgasm, Starbucks and Bobo enough said you will need to read the book to find out their reason for me pointing those out.

Tighten your napkin around your neck and hold on this course is decadent and delectable with a healthy dose of cream topping. Its sinful but sweet and you’ll want to come back for more.

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