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A special thanks to Cara Gadero who agreed to provide reviews for the Winemaker’s series.  I’ve read them, but for some reason I can’t put my finger on I haven’t clicked with Dr. Ivan and wanted someone who enjoyed these wildly popular books to tell us all about them… So here’s Cara…

RSVP by Dr. Ivan Rusilko

In this Novella, we get to meet Dr. Ivan Rusilko, a doctor in Miami Beach. He works at a state of the art medical facility in a swanky hotel and has a killer apartment on the ocean. He describes himself unabashedly.

 “I have the distinct privilege of being the physician who can make you look, feel great, and fuck like a superstar.”

Well hello…I was already sold.  At first glimpse he’s smart, sexy, a bit cocky looking for an everlasting love.  Okay too good to be true….right?

We begin the journey as we follow Ivan to the Annual Winemakers Dinner in Sarasota, Fl.  During the long car ride there, we get the first taste of his love of music and yes, we learn he has a flaw…..he can’t sing. Phew!! By this point,  I was starting to think he was perfect!!

In a few short pages, we learn that beyond the sexy and cocky young man is a romantic heart, an old soul and a man who’s quite the gentlemen. At the dinner, his heart stops when he sees a beautiful young woman sweeps past him at the reception.  Love at first sight?  Jaden, his soon to be love interest, is an up and coming chef in Miami who is a small town girl that is working to make it big.  Their chemistry is instantaneous and jumps off the page.  I fell in love with them and they touched my heart.  The sex is hot and very descriptive….is it getting not in here?

I found myself laughing,  gasping, sighing with my hand over my heart, biting my lip and yelling at my kindle.  I’ve never experience so many emotions in such a short period of time with any other novel.  He even texts his mom!  How cute was that?

I love the male POV in a dominantly female genre.  We need more young men who can capture a young ladies heart with words and gestures.  My favorite quote speaks to that soul.

“I wanted beyond anything to wake up more in love with someone than I’d been when I fell asleep, but not as in love as I’d be the next time I drifted off with her in my arms.”

Yes, you can all swoon now.


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