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So your biological clock is ticking, you’re coming up on 30, you’ve had one serious relationship which went up in smoke when your fiance dies in a car accident, and you want, want, WANT a baby, you don’t need a husband, just a sperm donor, and your best gay friend (Connor) has backed out… what do you do?

Well if you’re Emma Harrison, you take up a co-worker on his offer to donate his genetic material… the old fashioned way, as you’re drowning your sorrows after throwing a baby shower for a co-worker, which has set that clock tick on LOUD… because that’s totally the sane thing to do right?

Aidan Fitzgerald is one of those men who seems to get handed everything he wants by life, and even things he doesn’t ask for, left, right and center… Except for one thing… Emma Harrison, he put the moves on at the company Christmas party and she was having none of it, so of course this was the red flag to his inner bull and he’s on a quest… Connor has filled him in on the sitch and he’s got his opening.

He offers his issue, no strings, no emotions, no relationship… She draws up a contract… everyone signs and the hot monkey sex begins…

Can she leave emotion out of this?  Did he really think about what it would mean to have a kid out there in the world who didn’t know you?

And what’s hiding in his past that would make him even consider something like this?

Their story sucks you in, you root for them, even against them sometimes… How can an indecent proposal like this possibly have a good outcome?  Pick up the book, read it and find out if it does… or doesn’t…

You’ll enjoy it, Katie has a wonderful and engaging style of writing that keeps you turning the page, and then clicking on the next book in the series…

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