As Seen Through My Specs

We all knew that Pesh and Emma were never going to end up in a happily ever after.  She was meant for Aiden as much as he was meant for her.  But that didn’t mean that Pesh, a workaholic widower didn’t deserve to find love again.

In her awesomeness Katie has brought us back into Pesh Nadeen’s life, he’s still a workaholic, still avoiding his family setting him up and trying to get him back in the saddle again.  In an act of kismet/fate/aligning stars Emma asks if he will agree to be Noah’s godfather, they’re allowed a Catholic and a non-Catholic, he’s the non-Catholic for those who are new here.

The Catholic godmother is Megan McKenzie, once burned twice shy single mother of a toddler and nursing student just about to start her clinical rotation.

Sparks fly, and alcohol is consumed in mass quantities at the christening after party.  Megan embaresses herself in an epic way, offering sex, but no chance of a real romantic relationship, and makes the run of shame right out of Pesh’s life.  But hold on a sec, Pesh thinks maybe he might actually be coming out of his long mourning and actually have feelings for this skittish single mom.  And who should show up at his hospital to do her clinicals?  Yup, our Megan.  A sweet friendship and system of support begins to blossom.  Can they both get past their past and overlook their scars to make a real go of it?

Katie Ashley writes a compelling tale that makes you want to read every word to see how it all plays out.  It’s also nice to get some glimpses into the lives of the past characters in the series.  As a self avowed series whore little else makes me happier.

As an aside I also really loved the character lead graphics, so cute and fitting to the story.

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