As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Tarryn Fisher Genre:

*Bumping this one up for the BAE-Previously reviewed in January 2012*

If I’ve said it once… well ok, on the blog I’ve only said it once, but I’m sure when all is said and done I’ll have said it a million times…

DON’T STICK YOUR DICK IN CRAZY (The credit for that phrase goes to B&S)

This is a story that’s been in the TBR for a little while, I got added to a Facebook discussion group on this one, still not sure how that happened, but it’s a book some people are very passionate about, and after reading it I can see why.

It’s the story of Caleb, Olivia, Leah with a splash of Jessica thrown in.  The book jumps around from the present to the past so make sure you pay attention and keep up.  It’s like the most amazing episode of General Hospital ever, there’s cheating, lying, duplicity, amnesia, pregnancy, stalking… it’s 18 kinds off awesome.  Caleb the main character seems to have a penchant for sticking his dick in the craziest of the crazy.  I’m pretty sure that Leah would fall under the clinical diagnosis of sociopath… just saying…

I loved this book, it sucks you in from the get go and holds you by the nuts until the very end where you’re still going… “ummm, ok, what now Tarryn, WHAT NOW?”

There isn’t much more I can say in a review that doesn’t give the plot and twists away.  The writing was very well done, well edited (not something I see much of these days) and really gripping.  I can see why the readers to TO and the sequel Dirty Red are so passionate and have such crazy discussions about this book.

I’ll be reading the sequel shortly, but reading this story was such an emotional mind fuck that I needed to read something lighter and look at pictures of puppies and kittens to get myself back on even keel.

Grab a bottle of wine, fasten your seat-belt, buy it, read it, love it.

As a give-away for this review I’ll be giving a copy of the sequel Dirty Red to who ever has the most creative comment regarding what they’ve done to get, or keep a partner.  Nothing illegal please gentle readers.

Comments accepted through Friday January 4, a winner announced on Saturday, Jan 5.

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