As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Samantha Towle Genre: , , , ,

Remember your first love… and then you were pulled apart by life’s circumstances and he became some big sexy rock star?  No?  Me either, I’m pretty sure my first love is living in Montana with his wife and two kids, and I can guarantee you he isn’t a rock star, but for Trudy (Tru) Bennett that is the case.  Well OK, they were really just besties, she was in love with him but never let him know, you know, that old chestnut.

Tru is all grown up and writing for a music column for a fashion magazine, sure it isn’t Rolling Stone but she’s got a pretty long leash and gets to write about what she loves in a magazine people actually read.  As Fate would have it Tru gets the assignment of a lifetime, she’s been invited to interview Jake Wethers, sexy, inky lead singer of The Mighty Storm, and as that crafty bitch Fate would have it, he’s Tru’s first love.

Jake can’t believe his luck, I mean how many Trudy Bennetts could there possibly be, it has to be her, and how he’s going to get another chance to make up for the one he threw away all those years ago.  Just one problem, Tru has a boyfriend, but Jake is so not going to let that stop him, and while he plays it cool to start, he’s turning on the hard sell pretty quickly.

Can Tru resist him?  I know I probably couldn’t… he piles it on pretty thick, plus he’s, you know, a rock star… and he makes her an offer Tru cannot refuse.  Tour the world with his band and write his biography… be with him so he can wear her down.  But joining the band means leaving her boyfriend Will behind.  Plus, Jake’s a rocker, with all the traps and pitfalls and issues that comes along with someone who attains fame quickly and has an army of sycophants around telling him everything he does is amazing, and he’s the awesomest thing since sliced bread.

It’s a great ride to the end to see if they figure all their shit out… and there’s a sequel coming, so there’s that… also, there’s a bonus from at the end from Jake’s POV.  It’s my first Samantha Towle book but not likely to be my last.  As with many of our favorite indie authors she’s recently got a deal and the release date for Wethering the Storm has been bumped back to August.  But don’t let the wait stop you, pick it up and fall in to Jake & Tru’s love story.

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