As Seen Through My Specs

I was provided with a copy of this title from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

This novella, along with the other journals in this series are many things; they are a gift from the author to her readers who love to read series’, they are marketing genius because they keep the reader engaged in the series between releases of the full length novels, and they are amazingly well written in the voices of these different players in this game.

For the first time since the series began we are hearing about the story from The Master’s point of view.  His motivation, his feelings and identity have been a mystery too us for so long.

This novella picks up right after Being Me ends.  The Master is reeling from learning about what really happened to Rebecca, and while he is still armpit deep in this sorrow and shock he is called out of town to deal with a family emergency.  His mother has just been diagnosed with cancer, as if his world hadn’t already been knocked off his axis.

With his grief still fresh in his mind and soul he boards a plane and heads east to deal with the the unexpected reality of his mother’s mortality.  His mother is a force of nature and truly the only woman who has ever had any level of control over him.  The Master, in this delicious novella is struggling and needs an escape from all of it, which he may just have found… his internal conflict is palpable.

I am interested to see how life plays out for the Master in a post Rebecca world, he’s a compelling character who truly comes into three dimensions in this look through his eyes.

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