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Everyone once in a while a book comes along that touches just about everyone who reads it.  This is that kind of book.  Maggi Myers does an amazing job weaving this tale over more than ten years in the lives of our two main characters.

Meet Beth Bradshaw, she has suffered through some horrific events in her childhood, but with the help of her grandparents, some therapy, and her amazing friends she has worked to not let the events define her.  Beth is also so very lucky to have a friend of the family who is as much family as blood is, Tommy, to love and support her and be her advocate.  I wish everyone had a Tommy.

Beth has known Ryan Cantwell, Tommy’s nephew, for years, but the summer she turns 15 everything changes for them and they go from bratty adversaries to the start and sparks of young love, but circumstance pulls them apart and they spend the next ten years on their own, but wondering, and figuring how things might have been different… and wondering if they can find each other again…

Tragedy pulls them back into each other’s orbit, and Maggi twists and turns us through the concept of learning, growing and healing, and makes us wonder if we can go home again.

I really and truly enjoyed this story, it’s been getting a bunch of hype, but as we know my TBR is crazyinsane.  The list got shuffled around since I wanted to feature BAE authors, and I’m glad I did, I loved the book, and Maggi is an absolute delight.  I look forward to reading her upcoming work.

I’d give this a 4.5, out of 5 stars for sure, but my current system allows only for whole numbers (we’re working on that).

Pick it up at the locations, I promise you won’t regret it:

Amazon, B&N (paperback only)

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