As Seen Through My Specs

Kate finds an unlocked, pristine iPhone 5 in the back seat of a taxi in New York City, and instead of handing it over to the cabbie she takes it with her.  She thinks the Universe has sent it to her since she’s asked her parents for one at least twice, and like many other gifts she asked for she decides to keep it, and hey, maybe the Universe will also send her that trip she wants to take, and maybe that BMW too… hate to break it to you sweetie, the Universe doesn’t usually work that way.  But since the woman who owned it didn’t care about it, obviously it’s a woman because the phone is white, and the white ones are clearly more feminine, Kate should rescue it.

Besides all the apps any good iPhone user had there is a private messaging app that contains a 3 month conversation between Christine and Jake.  Being the nosy little voyeur she is Kate decides to read it, from the beginning and gets sucked into their world and their relationship.

A misdirected text starts out a three month long conversation between Christine and Jake that over that time turns in to a wild, tumultuous, passionate love affair.  Which appeared to have potentially been coming to an end as Kate finds the phone.

This book was pure fucking genius, I was sucked in from the first set of texts to the very end when Kate decides to take fate by the horns and insert herself into their drama.  I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting.

The author and her PR people have made the phone number in the book live, you can call it and listen to Jake, they are developing an app, and the sequel is due out in May of 2013.  They’ve got a website and a few neat-o extras to suck you further in to this rabbit hole., visit the site, buy the book, love the book, trust me…

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