As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Andrea Randall Genre: , , ,

Let’s keep the BAE love coming… here’s another awesome author featured at the event last weekend!

Meet November Blue Harris, or Ember as some friends call her, one or two even call her Blue…  She’s a grant writer, daughter of musicians who lived a life on the move growing up, and a closet singer musician with a set of pipes any top 40 star would envy, but she lays low, sings at open mic nights and the like.  Ten days ago, when dropping off her car, she hears an altercation, scared, she hides and runs.

Meanwhile at the open mic night at the local bar Ember and her best friend and co-worker Monica show up at Finnegan’s pub for drinks, maybe some singing and to hang with Monica’s boyfriend, and manager of the pub Josh.  As they arrive there’s a new crooner on the docket for the evening… and his voice calls to Ember, and he’s not all that hard on the eyes… Ember and Monica get called up to sing with him and once they start to sing together they’re gone over each other their voices weaving together and making magic, and neither can turn away…  The crooner, he’s Bo Cavanaugh, or Bowen Cavanaugh, or Spencer Cavanaugh, depends on where you fit in his live… but to Ember he’s just Bo…

This starts a whirlwind passionate relationship, it goes from a tiny ember into a roaring fire in about 60 seconds… But there are some complications, turns out Bo/Spencer and his non-profit DROP are the new client at Ember’s employer The Hope Foundation.  Bo’s developing a non-profit to help with drug prevention and education, and allows for empowering children and adults who have addiction issues in their lives.  I think we all know that mixing business and pleasure can cause all types of mayhem.

Ember and Bo become closer, figuring out what it is they feel, these ten days are filled with music, passion and love… their love has some collateral damage, there’s Ember’s ex Adrian, Josh and Monica’s relationship which suffers by its proximity to the large shadow cast by Bo and Ember’s explosive love…

But there seems to be something else, something that starts to weave the unrelated together, things are more tangled than anyone expected.  And you’ll be working until the very last page to try and untie the knot…

I really like the romance, the thought of meeting someone and knowing you’ve loved that someone for a thousand lifetimes already, the suspense, and the drama, a page turner, start to finish, even as you are left hanging by your fingertips to the cliff as we wait for the next book in the series… I can’t wait!

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