As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Karina Halle Genre: , , ,

Ellie Watt is a woman who is used to starting her life over, as a new person, over and over again.  As the daughter of grifters she comes by her expertise in being someone other than Ellie honestly.  But it’s time to stop, time to go back home, she’s heading back to Palm Valley to stay with her uncle and start again, this time as Ellie, not someone else.  She wants to go clean, on the straight and narrow, but it’s hard for a leopard to change its spots, and a random encounter in a coffee shop can change a person’s plans pretty darn quickly.

Back in town she runs in to Camden McQueen, an old friend from high school, and at one point her only friend in high school.  He’s grown up too, lived life, divorced, a kid he isn’t allowed to see and an apparently successful tattoo parlor.  And she wants to go clean, she really does, but with Camden wanting to reconnect she sees an opportunity for the perfect grift, the one that could set her up and end her wandering days.

Problem is when you live a life like that there are people out there looking for you, and not so they can be your friend on Facebook… She’s on the run from an ex, she’s driving his car and living off his money, and he’s not a nice man…

Turns out Camden’s got some baggage besides the ex-wife too and this baggage could seriously affect Ellie’s plan.

This book was so well written, and so different, unexpected, such a departure from a lot of what’s out there today.  It isn’t sugar and angst, it’s gritty and tarnished and awesome.  Sure there’s sex, and romance, but the angst is on a whole different level and a plot that keeps you guessing to the cliffhanging end…

Pick it up, seriously, you will thank me…

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