As Seen Through My Specs

Because rocker is the new kinky rich dude, and I’m a highly suggestible person (thanks book group girls) I picked up this little gem to read.  Also didn’t hurt that someone mentioned that Michelle based the main character on Adam Levine, not that he’s dreamy or anything… but I digress…

This book follows Noel and Lane (Lanie) through the rekindling of their romance.  Once high school sweet hearts Lanie has gone off to work in marketing and Noel has made it big with his band Black Falcon.

Lane broke his heart and dumped him because she thought he was being immature in thinking music could be a viable career, instead of giving it all up, going to college and being a grown up.  So um, yeah, she’s working as an intern barely scraping by and taking money from her mom and he’s got money coming out of his ears and has made it big time.

Fate throws them together through  an opportunity at the marketing firm where Lanie is interning.  She gets thrown on tour with the band.  After a less than friendly reunion, Noel sees this as his second chance to get her back in to his bed and back in to life.

Noel has some serious stuff he’s hiding, and his bandmates don’t seem keen on keeping his secret.  Lanie’s got her own baggage and an overwhelming need to prove herself in her career and keep her job whatever it takes.

Will they work it out?  It’s definitely worth the ride to find out.

My only problem with this book, and as far as books go it’s a big and small problem, when Lane and Noel finally get back in bed together Noel asks what Lane has been up to sexually, if she’s on the pill, and wants to have sex with her without a condom, and she agrees.

Wow!  He’s a fucking rock star who has likely had more pussy in the last two years than a year’s subscription to Cat Fancy magazine, and he doesn’t deny it or say he’s been celibate she just takes him at his word he’s clean and goes for it…. seriously??!?!?  It’s a plot thing and a trust thing, and I suppose on some small level I get that.  However too many books I’ve read lately have downplayed the importance of safe sex (esp in this trope).  It isn’t just about preventing pregnancy, it’s about the prevention of the transmission of disease, and in a post 1980’s world where HIV and other nasty shit exists if you aren’t the only sexual partner someone has ever had you best be wrapping that bad boy up until everyone decides you’re in a committed relationship and all appropriate testing has been administered.

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.

It really was a great book with a twist and ending I did NOT see coming, and usually I can see them from a mile away.  I’m looking forward to Rock the Bed, the story of Noel’s band-mate Riff and Lane’s friend Aubrey.  Yeah it’s a series… stop judging me….

Click it, buy it and enjoy.

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