As Seen Through My Specs

The rock star trope is on fire right now… and Olivia Cunning is doing it well, I’m addicted to the Sinners, so this week we’ll be looking at the other available books in this series.

Let’s start with Sed… Sedric Lionheart, Sinner’s lead singer, ladies man, something about him makes you wonder though, why is he such a manwhore?  I mean that’s generally synonymous with rock star, but still, he’s got groupies, left, right and center, at the same time.

While in Vegas for Brian’s bachelor party he’s transfixed by Feather, the pretty strawberry blond stripper at the club.  Jace is off in the corner watching the Dominatrix with intense interest, but we’ll get back to that in another story.  Feather isn’t her real name, it’s Jessica Chase, and she’s Sed’s one true love, and at one time was even his fiance.  But she had big dreams, she wanted to go to law school, and he was under an immense amount of pressure as Sinner’s was just taking off and he wanted her to be there for him.  His lack of support wasn’t going to stop her and she left, although neither forgot the other, she buried herself in school and he buried himself in countless groupies.

Realizing it’s Jessica he grabs her off the stage, which doesn’t sit well with the bouncers, you know that whole pesky “No touching the girls” rule strip clubs have, and mayhem seriously ensues.  There’s a fight and Eric gets hurt, Jess and Sed fight, and the boys leave, battered, bruised and without Jess.

So what’s a sweet girl, serious law student doing stripping in Vegas?  She’s been catching some crap from one of her professors and it’s going to affect her scholarship if she doesn’t do a little something-something for him.  Stripping is fast, easy money, her education is important to her and she’s not going to let some sleazy professor ruin it for her.  Sed offers to white-knight and give her all the cash she needs but pride’s a funny thing… so is a broken heart.

After getting fired, and evicted, Jess turns up at the venue to shove the money back at him, but instead of finding her ex she runs in to Myrna instead, after a heart to heart Jess ends up as Myrna’s research assistant and will be stuck on the bus with Sed and the Sinners… that won’t be awkward at all, right?

Before we know it they’re fucking like horny rabbits, but agree it’s just sex… yup, uh huh…

They are combustible, some sight seeing, a public encounter which becomes an internet sex tape hit and a whole lot of twists and turns pull us through there story.

This is an excellent addition to the series, well written and pulls you in from the get go.  I’m one of those people who believes that sometimes the Universe has a plan for us, and we meet who we are supposed to, when we are supposed to… Is it their time?  Come along for the ride…

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