As Seen Through My Specs

**This review contains spoilers for previous books and novellas in this series**

So as the book opens Sara and Chris are reeling from the news that Rebecca is likely dead, killed by Ava, who also tried to kill Sara.  Ella is still missing, we’ve learned that Mark was indeed Rebecca’s Master.  Their life has been turned on it’s side.

Sara decides she will follow Chris to France, to heal their relationship and get a new start.  Turns out things in Paris are no less tumultuous.  From the moment  they arrive everything goes wrong.  Pick-pocketed in the airport Sara’s bag and passport are stolen.  She’s a stranger in a strange land and she doesn’t speak the language.  And all the while she feels there is a specter hovering over them.  Chris’s past intrudes, Amber, a pushy tattoo artist from his past, another sex club, so many secrets.   The search for Ella meets dead ends at every turn, although it appears she is still alive and has gotten tied up with an unsavory character.  The Embassy has denied the renewal of her passport, and her intrepid French tutor becomes her closest ally.

And all this time Chris is promising to reveal his “secret” which he fears will tear them apart.

The book is a wild ride, and until the very last page I wasn’t sure where we’d end up.  It was another gripping chapter in this series, and I truly look forward to the next.  Will we find out where Ella is, whether Chris can move beyond the demons of his past, what is it that Amber holds over his head.  The well paced and well written story will keep you turning pages and on the edge of your seat until the last word of the epilogue.

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