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While I live in migraine hell (even post Botox) and editing hell I’ve got some awesome ladies who have volunteered as guest reviewers for us at As Seen… Let’s all give a warm welcome to Amy Bustard, today’s guest reviewer.

With all the new books that are now introducing Hot, tattooed bikers into our life,
This book will make you crave it! A Lot of Emotion, Angst, Sexual tension, and really great characters..

When Marie a young twenty something women who leaves her abusive high school sweetheart and moves back home to her mother’s 2 bedroom run down trailer with her pot-smoking, unemployed brother Jeff..Her life takes an emotional turn when introduced to a few Reapers.

In the beginning the book seemed like it was going to be hard for me to get into due to some of the verbiage but I just kept reading.. Thank God I did because I loved it and the verbiage that I disliked and apparently Marie too thought odd..sweet butt.. Turned out to be a pretty key point to the story..

Horse.. A Reaper..The hot, sexy biker.. A bad boy who couldn’t be tamed? Takes what he wants, when he wants and who would complain?Picnic.. The MC President.. Bam Bam.. Fellow reaper

Ever wonder why Bikers use crazy names? Hmmmm

I loved this book.. I loved Horse.. Loved most of the characters! I’m ready for more!

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