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There are some authors out there who I consider to be the gold standard in their genre… Cherise Sinclair-BDSM, Bella Andre-Sweet and Hot Romance, Lauren Dane/Megan Hart-Spicy Erotic Romance, and when it come to Funny as Fuck Romance (not an easy genre to write) it’s R. L. Matthewson… hands down, three count, pinned to the mat winner.

This was the first comedic romance I’d read, and no idea what I was getting in to when I one-clicked… it was one of those drug deals Amazon likes to make with me… “Psst…c’mere. you liked this book, so you’re going to LOVE these 20 other books… trust me”.

Hailey Blaine, quiet, mild mannered, a little bit of a pushover, but pulling her tulips is THE last straw, her neighbor, Jason Bradford has just gone too far.  She bought her home 5 years ago, worked her butt to get where she is, but the joy of home-ownership was short lived when she turned out to live next door to the quintessential man-boy Jason, complete with paintballs exploding on the laundry, crappy yard maintenance, loud nights with his buddies… And if it weren’t bad enough that he’d ruined her dream home, there was also the dream job she had, teaching… yup, he’s there too, making her life hell…

They are oil and water, but the tulip incident leads to the stirring up of a bees nest, which forces them to work together, that’s not likely to go well… as they run to escape the bees Jason learns her dirty secret, she’s a Yankees fan… living in Massachusetts… seriously, even I wasn’t cool with that Hailey… just not cool girlfriend, it is all about the Sox and my Big Papi… Derek Jeter… please…

Of course he has a dirty secret of his own… well not just his, it’s all the Bradford men, apparently they are banned from every buffet in a hundred mile radius, no one will deliver food to them after the put a pizza boy in a mental health clinic, or something crazy like that.

They are thrown together again and again, and how can they avoid each other, home, work, he is every where… watching the sparks fly is fun, and funny as fuck… seriously, I can’t recall a time I laughed this hard.

There is the cast of characters in their orbit, friends, family, all comic foils to their relationship…Which is a rollercoaster ride of awesome, wrapped in greatness and topped of with sprinkles of amazeballs.  Pick it up, love it, but be prepared to bust a gut, or two, and have a change of nickers handy as you’ll likely wet yours, repeatedly reading this book.

I promise you won’t regret it… I wish I had more than 5 stars to give… that is how much I freaking loved this book!

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  1. Susan says:

    I agree with you on this on, and the 2nd one doesn’t disappoint either.

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