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This was a week of amazing releases, this was likely the best of the bunch.  I love Kristen Proby, sure we all have our book boyfriends, but there are some authors I’m having little girl crushes on and Kristen is pretty high on that list.

In the 4th installment in the series (Yes, I count ‘Under the Mistletoe’), we spend time with Megan (Meg) McBride and Will Montgomery.  You remember Will and Meg from ‘Fight with Me’ right?  He tried his Rico Suave bullshit and she shot him down.

Well at Jules and Nate’s engagement party their path’s cross again, he’s tempted and tempting, she’s not into his hot shot I’m an athlete persona… Did I mention he was a the quarterback of the Seahawks?  Meg is a wild child rocker chick, and when I say rocker chick I mean a damn fine musician and singer who never quite made it to big leagues, who also has what I can only imagine to be the most rewarding and the shittiest job at the same time, she’s a charge nurse on a children’s cancer ward.  She’s been trying to get Will and the team to come and visit her kids, but has been told no over and over and she’s holding it against him, I mean really, what kind of dick says no to visiting terminally ill kids with cancer?

Turns out there was a bit of a mis-communication on that one (and he rights his wrong in grand fashion).  After a hot make out session in the restroom at Jules’ and Nate’s party that ends in some sexual frustration for both of them Will turns on the woo, big time.  How long can a woman actually resist a man as amazing as Will?  Don’t get me wrong, Meg is pretty much a rockstar/nurse/goddess all rolled in to one and she deserves a good man but Will is a panty incinerator.

Their interactions are intense, they do nothing by half measure, and Will is now at the VERY top of the book boyfriend list* for me, well ok, he might be tied with Nate and Brian, but that’s probably just the overall fascination with the apa.

This is another strong entry to this series and you will most certainly enjoy the story.  Thanks for being awesome Kristen, can’t wait for the next story, keep ’em coming!  This books is a solid 4.5 on my scale.

Pick this up at:

Amazon (Amazon is making this book ridiculously hard to search for, if you can’t find it follow the link)


*keeping in mind of course the best book/movie/etc boyfriend of ever has been and always will be Lloyd Dobler

lloyd_dobler Lloyd Dobler

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