As Seen Through My Specs
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At book 4 we finally get to Adrian’s story.  He’s been in the background and foreground over the last three books and you could tell he is tired of the rat race rock n’ roll bullshit lifestyle, I’m sure getting laid by hot groupies can be a real hardship.  He wants what his siblings and friends have, a wife, kids, the whole picket fence HEA but he never knows if who he’s involved with loves him, or his rock god status.

Along comes a kid he never knew about and his saucy Britt aunt who adopted him and is raising him as her own son.  Miles’ birth mother never shared the identity of his father until just before her death when Miles is a teen.  Gillian goes in search of him and makes efforts to get them together.  Adrian has a tough time seeing this as anything but a money grab, but Erin takes matters into her own hands, and between hear and Brody they knock some sense into him.

Gillian and Adrian have an instant spark and it gets hot and heavy pretty quickly.  She is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to grab life(Adrian) by the balls and take it.  There are twists and turns on the way to HEA, it wouldn’t be a good read if there weren’t. They try and keep it on the down low but Miles figures out pretty quickly what’s going on and is ok with it, and I think that goes along way for both of them and their comfort level with the relationship.

The turn in this book affected more than just the couple, it brought all the siblings into play which is nice because I never wanted to let Erin or Brody or their spouses go after reading their books.  The author recently wrote that Raven’s book (Brody’s ex, and fellow tattoo artist) will be the last in the Brown Family series, so while this makes me sad we’re assured we’ll see them in the Delicious series and we may even see more Novellas along the way.  I would send a muffin basket and other assorted goodies on a weekly basis if it could keep the Brown’s with us through bits and pieces and stories for the next ten years, but I think that might border on stalkerish behavior so I’ll back off and be grateful for what I have.

In this series we also meet Gillian’s friends who live on Bainbridge Island near Seattle who are the basis for the Delicious series Lauren is writing. I will be making sure I make a side trip to Bainbridge when I finally make it to Seattle simply because of these books

Although of the four so far this would probably rank 4th it was a solid addition to the series and it’s so nice to see Adrian, who has been the uber uncle (I mean seriously, dude owns a mini-van before he’s even got kids) finally get a family of his own, and I really hope that through the other books we’ll see G&A add to their family.

One of the things I love about these books is that Lauren has included a play list at the end, I’ve found some awesome songs through it.  Miles and his band, then with the help of his dad have been working on Creep, here it is for your enjoyment.

Up next for reviews… I’m not sure, I’ll either be tackling the Bella Andre Sullivan Family Series, or digging into Cherise Sinclair or Kallypso Masters for some BDSM based stories.  If anyone has a preference for what’s next out of those above let me know and I’ll go from there.

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