As Seen Through My Specs

So someone sees a picture of you, a tastefully done nude and he becomes obsessed with you.  He’s a handsome son of a bitch, suave, wonderful, English, business man, all around urbane…

You’re an American, living in England doing graduate work in art history, restoring old painting and modeling to make ends meet, at a gallery event a handsome man introduces himself and begins an unrelenting pursuit…

That is how Brynne Bennet and Ethan Blackstone begin their whirlwind affair.

She’s hoping to leave the past and scandal behind, and he’s been a playboy, running an internationally known security firm.  Can she deal with his secret?  Can she accept his controlling nature, or does she not only accept it, but crave it?

I loved this book, and all things considered, Ethan Blackstone may be my new book boyfriend.  Can’t wait to finish the next book in the series, All In, and a little birdie on the internet told me there will be a fourth book in the series, huzzah!!

Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed, I’m annoyed with myself in taking so long to pick it up, however, I don’t have to wait as long for the sequel, so this is how I planned it, yup, I didn’t slack, it’s all part of a master plan to feed my series whore nature.

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