As Seen Through My Specs
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First I’d like to welcome our first guest reviewer here at As Seen… Jeanette Benoit, a member of one of my Facebook book groups. Thanks for pitching in, and now for the review…

In Meta we meet an incredibly sheltered girl named Scarlett who for some reason has a real aversion to nicknames. Scarlett is striking out on her own with her BFF Evie both in their first year of college. Scarlett’s parents have never let her experience things in life that her peers would have done and when I say NEVER I mean NOTHING! She went to an all girls private school, never dated the whole shebang.

Scarlett and Evie are going to a party and meet up with some friends before hand….one of the friends is Ashton Walker aka Ash who is the epitomy of surfer boy (from the long blond hair to the awesome dimples when he smiles) and there is an instant spark. BUT Ash is a self admitted playboy and warns her away ( I know right cause that’s not just asking for trouble right there).

Oh did I mention that Ash sings and plays guitar *insert sigh right here* and so can Scarlett.

So after warning her away Ash wants her in his life but says only as friends because she needs to experience more that life has to offer and again with the whole he’s not good for her thing.

Sometime later Scarlett and Evie go out to a bar to listen to some bands and OH HELL YA here comes the quintessential tatted up, smokin hot rocker boy with a lip ring (ladies you know the one, the bad boy that makes you want to drop panties with just a look) Mason aka Rat. Our girl Scarlett gets bold with rocker boy and let’s just say asks him to be her teacher (lol).

When reading this book Erin actually made me feel like Scarlett was a little part of all of us largely because of some book boyfriend references that we all know and love (ladies you will know who Im talking about!! We ALL have them!) and for me of course (lol) the pantie dropping hotness that is Mason….or as I call him in our Facebook group Mr HotPants (lmao).

In closing I hope I didnt give too much away and I hope you read Metamorphosis I give it a big huge 5 stars!!

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