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So, how does a good pusher get you hooked?  They give you the first hit for free, it’s marketing genius really, and Kally Masters, one of my favorite pushers, I mean authors, these days got me hooked with the first book in her Rescue Me series, Masters at Arms, which is still free at (subsequent volumes have all been $3.99).

So what happens to a rag tag band of Marines who have served together in Iraq when they come home and try to put the pieces of their lives back together?  Well they move to Denver and open a kink club of course.

This book gives back-story on the three main Masters/Doms in the series, Adam, Marc and Damian (Damo).

Master Adam (Montague) the leader of this group, both on the battlefield and the home front has been involved in the lifestyle for many years, his late wife Joni was his submissive and one time sexually submissive slave.  Marc d’Alessio and Damian Orlando, two men who served under Adam while in Iraq come upon kink while on their last outing before deployment, Adam happens to see them at the club, although they don’t notice him there.  Planting the seed for future endeavors.

The back-stories…

Adam, shortly after his wife’s death and a killer bender is in a bus station before Thanksgiving and meets Karla, a scared pink haired 16 year old girl running away from home.  He helps her out of a dangerous situation and she brings him home to spend the holiday with her family, her brother is serving overseas and her family are more than happy to share their day with another soldier (although Master Adam would pink up my hide and remind me he’s a Marine thank you very much).  Karla develops a school girl crush on Adam and begins a 9 year long correspondence, sending him letters, and peanut butter brownies, as well as MP3s of her singing while she develops her talent and grows into who she’s going to become as a woman.

Damian’s story takes us to the time before enlisting where he meets Savannah Gentry, he rescues her from a bad situation, an abusive situation her father and his lackey have put her in.  He whisks her away and they share a magical day and night together at the shore in a secluded cave, at the end of the day he brings her home, knowing a rich classy girl like her would never go for him.  He doesn’t accept that and for days and days after shows up at her house in the hills at the gate until finally one of the staff threaten to have him arrested.  Down, and now out as he lost his job at the hotel Savannah’s father owned and about to be evicted he enlists in the Marines.  He comes home a wounded warrior, who would, if left to his own devices, just curl up and die.  Adam comes to him in the hospital and takes him home to Denver, not allowing Damo to wallow in the self pity of it all.

Marc is the surviving son, a pressure that can be great when you are in the shadow of a mythic creature.  His family resent him for leaving the family resort business and not wanting to step in to his beloved brother’s role.  He hides from his family the fact that he wants no part in becoming Gino, and Marc has a secret, he’s been providing some other “services” to resort guests acting as a Dom and sexual partner to some of the female guests who are so inclined.  Gino’s former fiance has a major jones for him and sticks to him like a sock on a towel fresh out of the dryer, and Marco wants no part of that either.  He decides the only way to get out the shadow of Gino, his mother’s grief and Melissa the grieving fiance is to enlist and go fight a war of his own.  He becomes a corpsman working with Adam and Damo in Iraq, he’s got a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove after losing his brother Gino in the service, and through a twist of fate he’s serving with his brother’s Master Sergeant.

War makes men from boys and brothers from men and their service together in the hell of war tie these three, and others along the way together in an unbreakable bond.  Their rag tag family gives each of these men as much as they give to each other.  They all come together again in Denver and becomes a partner in the kink club they open called Masters at Arms.  Joining them over time will be other entwined in their past through service, family or the intercession of the Universe.

As this volume ends, Adam is pulled by the song of a siren…

It’s a gripping story and an impressive first outing into erotic romance for Kallypso Masters.  She did her research both within the military and kink community, she is looking for a more real character and she delivers.  I know it’s fiction, so how real can they be, but compared to other books I’ve read in the genre/trope this one sucked me in and had me clicking on “buy now” for the next two available stories in the series and then salivating while waiting for the fourth book, which was a much longer time in coming than originally anticipated (we’ll get to that later).  It didn’t pander to the billionaire/virgin theme so popular these days or have characters who are all model perfect and their biggest problem is a hang nail, or problems that don’t happen to anyone in real life… ever.

Through the books and Facebook I’ve had a chance to interact personally with Kally and find her a wonderful, funny and very friendly woman.  She’s an author who interacts with her readers and listens to our input.  Right now I think this will likely turn into an 8-9 book series and you know me, I love me a series, so I’m hoping she keeps on writing about our friends getting their kink on in the mile high city for YEARS to come.  I’ve been singing the praises of Kally and these books to anyone looking to read erotica/erotic romance/BDSM stories after finishing FSoG, and I’ll keep preaching the good word until the last page of the last book is long past it’s out of press date.

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