As Seen Through My Specs

OK, I’m an LD fan girl, we all know that… I buy her books on release day, devour them immediately, blah blah blah… So there’s a new Delicious book, I’m picking it up, I’m reading it… and loving it!

Mary Whaley, she does for everyone, cooks, loves, support… she is a mass of wild dark curls, and beautiful awesome, so how on earth could Damien Hurley resist?

Mary is busy with her supper club, Delicious, her catering is taking off, her friends are finding love, her life is full, and she is happy, I mean sure, she’s not getting laid on a regular basis, and her friends are all in love with rockstars, and hot lawyers and one of the Delicious girls is even living with TWO hot men… but she is busy and happy, she isn’t hunting.  However, sometimes when you aren’t looking that’s when a hot, inky, hunky rock star stumbles into your life and curls your toes.

Damien Hurley is coming off the road, he’s friends with Adrian Brown, he’s a super sexy drummer who has a reputation with the ladies, he’s suave and not lacking for pussy, but for some reason when he meets Mary, Damien is all thumbs and awkward conversation, but he’s still crazy GAH hot, so there’s that.

They start this easy breezy beautiful little fling, no strings, she’s busy, he’s a rockstar, but they are both really amazing people, and they see that in each other, it blossoms and grows… but Mary has seen what the whole paparazzi limelight stuff can bring and how intrusive it can be, is that what she really wants?  But is Damien really as wild as he seems, or is he really a farm, family man whose brother owns a demon pig that only Mary can tame?

When you pick this book up putting this one down is hard, you turn the pages watching them falling in lust and love and becoming a couple, being thwarted and cheering them along while you hang on to the very end…

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