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Hollywood a-lister, meets and falls for small town girl, you think you’ve read the story, seen the movie, you know it all right?  Pshhh… please, you know nothing, and this book, a really long book I might add, is going to set you straight.  It’s a long book, so what, it’s awesome and brings you in from the get go, you’re barreling towards the end before you even know it.

Ryan Christensen just wanted to practice his craft, act, make movies, and avoid the bullshit.  Taryn Mitchell is just trying to nurse a broken heart and work at the pub in the fictional town of Seaport, RI.  Trust me it’s a fictional town, I live in RI and I drove around for ages and couldn’t find it.  Running from crazed fans he stumbles across and into her pub to hide, and finds something he never expected.

They tumble slowly and cautiously into a relationship, they’ve both got baggage, I mean who doesn’t?  Can you imagine what it would be life to just be wanted because people see you on the big screen, knowing nothing about you, but wanting to be in your orbit, girls throwing themselves at you, sure it’s good for like a month, or a year, but then it gets tired, how do you even know if they want you you,  or movie star you.

No matter how handsome and tall and awesome he is, and sweet and kind and romantic he is, and how incredibly down to earth he is Tarryn is skittish, of course she is, she just got her heart broken… that isn’t something you get over in a day, or a week, and for some even years…  Can she actually move past the heart ache?  Does she even want to get involved with someone who is so much larger than life, and who is really only in town for a little while…

It’s a seriously involving read, I was so tied up in their love story it was often hard to put it down to do stuff like eat, shower, go to work… But at like 600 pages I did eventually have to put it down, even if just to recharge the Kindle.

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