As Seen Through My Specs

Joe Harris rolls back in to town after many years away.  Small towns have incredibly long memories, steel traps rusted shut.  All so many of them see is his troubled past, and not his years of military service and the growing up he’s done while he’s been away.  He comes back to redeem himself, to be near family and to start a business.  He’s become the local mechanic.

Beth Murphy hears he’s back in town and has appointed herself a one woman welcoming committee.  She shows him nothing but kindness, bringing him baked good, showing up, having lunch, spending time, showing she could care less about what people think of him, people in Petal never thought much of the Murphy’s.

Polly Chase, town maven, and mother in law to one of Beth’s sisters, Tate, won’t let people talk down about them, she’s adopted every Murphy and then some. Beth, Tate and their sister worth together in their family owned and operated hair salon.  Beth’s sisters, and the rest of the Chases and Murphys have her back.  If she wants Joe, they’ll help her do what it takes to help her convince him he’s worthy of love and no one, least of all Beth care what the town thought of him then, or now.

Can he let go and let himself be loved?

An excellent addition to the Petal series, and a wonderful follow up series to Chase brothers, keeping us in the lives of Petal, Georgia, a small town with a lot of love.  Stop in for a visit, starting with the Chase Brothers’ stories, then the Once and Again before you pick this one up.  Lauren has also been giving us little treat novellas bringing us snippets of a night, a weekend, and events in Petal with out cast of characters.

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