As Seen Through My Specs

Amazon, my drug pusher brought me to Lauren through my purchase of Megan Hart’s books.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love me a series, and the Brown’s are no exception, they are bright, colorful vibrant people who live life out loud.

This is the tale of Erin Brown, rocker chick, starting 10 years ago when she met uptight cop Todd.  They have a brief steamy affair but Todd is conflicted about the fact that his is dominant sexually, he feels like it’s totally wrong to behave like that towards women, even though with Erin he truly feels alive for the first time.  He wimps out, moves east, gets shot, has a failed marriage and ends up back in Seattle and is looking for Erin.

The last ten years have been interesting for Erin too, Mud Bay (her band with her brother) made it big, she had some horrific things happen to her and now she’s in Seattle staying below the radar and living a life steeped in fear.

Todd finds Erin and they reconnect, Todd has finally come in to his own, both emotionally and sexually.  Their relationship is hot hot hot.  And then along comes Ben (who is bi-sexual), Todd’s friend since childhood, they invite Ben into their bed for one night and it turns into so much more.

The idea that they are a polyamourous is not just meant to be titillating it’s about three people who connect on a deeper level and who love each other.  They want to make these things work, and they work at their relationship like mature adults.  Over time you also see Todd and Ben develop their own relationship, which isn’t so much about labels as it is about two people who love the same woman and have been friends forever learning about and falling in love with each other over time.

During this story we also meet the other Browns, Adrian and Brody and learn the back story of their parents death and Brody giving up art school at the age of 18 to raise his siblings and keep them out of the system.  But more on them later…

This is a 5+* and two thumbs way up for me.

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