As Seen Through My Specs

In book #3 in the Brown family series we step away from the siblings and delve into a couple who is part of their circle of friends and family.  Trust me, just because the book isn’t about one of the siblings doesn’t mean we don’t see them crop up all up in this book.

This is Cope and Ella’s story, Cope is Ben’s brother and Ella is the lovely woman who works for Erin in the coffee shop she owns next to Brody’s tattoo studio, who in a previous story was attacked and badly injured by her stalker ex.

Cope is finally realizing it’s time to get his shit in order, stop fucking around and find someone to love, he’s always had a thing for Ella but the timing was never right, but now she’s healed, at least physically and he sets his cap in her direction.  Ella is timid, and afraid, and quite frankly who can blame her, her ex who stalked her lit her on fire, FIRE for fucks sake, that isn’t something you just walk away from and skip happily back in to life.  Cope knows this will take a careful plan and a slow approach, patience is what will win this girl.

He makes it clear to her from the outset of his plan that he likes her, you know likes her, likes her, in that not only do I want a deep and meaningful relationship with you but as part of that relationship I want us to melt the sheets.  He is patient, and kind and they type of man every woman deserves.

Of all the stories in this series this was the sweetest, the way Cope (Andrew/Andy) gentles to Ella and brings her out of her shell, the way Ella looks to see who he really is and not just what his friends or family thinks is so amazingly heartwarming.  He may be part of Todd and Ben’s security company but he’s also a Renaissance man who reads, writes, and is an artist with woodworking.

That they write letters and he writes her poetry, and sends her drawings that make her heart melt.  Him reading her Pablo Neuruda is so hot it’s nearly a panty melter, and this isn’t him making a play to get laid, it’s who he is, he’s deep, thoughtful so much more than anyone gives him credit for.

Like all Brown Family books there is plenty of steamy sex, but even the way Cope and Ella come to this is tender and sweet as opposed to a fast burn.

Their ending is what you hope for the whole book through, and LD doesn’t disappoint.

I look forward to seeing these two pop up in future Brown Family and Delicious series books of the couples in this series they are my favorite.

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