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Today we reviewing another of the love stories of one of the Sullivan Brothers, today it’s Zach.

Zach is loving his single life, he owns a chain of incredibly successful repair shops, races cars for fun and has a wonderful family.  He is the spitting image of his dad, who died at the age he is now, which gives him his own matching set of baggage.  That all changes when his brother Gabe shows up and asks him to look after their new puppy Cuddles while he and Summer and Megan go away for 2 weeks.  Did I mention Cuddles is a tiny yorkie?  That’s right, big tough Zach finds himself spending two weeks with a little lap dog.  Despite the cute name Cuddles is a menace.  Zach is so far out of his element it’s comical.

In sweeps Heather, owner of Top Dog, at the request of a favorite client of hers, to rescue Zach.  Showing up at Zach’s garage with her Great Dane Atlas in tow, her first impression of Cuddles’ temporary owner is that a screaming oaf who has no business with a dog.  His first impression of her is a nice view of her ass as she’s backing out of the bushes she found the mischievous little puppy hiding in.

He thinks she’s there for the calendar photo shoot, little does he know he’s looking at his Fate instead.

Out of concern for Cuddles’ well being, and after deciding she shouldn’t just steal Cuddles and find her a loving home, Heather steps in and she and Zach start spending time together. From the first insanity of a destructive 3lb dog to sporting events and charity auctions, they both feel that zing, but he likes his single uncomplicated life and she is wary of men and relationships in general and is carting around some serious daddy issues.

The give in and agree to have a no strings relationship… what is it with these Sullivan’s and their hatred of strings?  They always end up tangled and tied at the end.

The other love story here is Atlas and Cuddles, a true opposites attract love, they are inseparable and when Heather and Zach hit a rough patch the dogs are despondent in their separation.

There are some nice twists and turns here, Zach and his crazy generosity, the back story of Heather’s relationship and emotional issues, and the emotions that come along when his family tries to throw them together.

It’s a great ride, romantic and funny (plus there’s the hot sex) and probably my second favorite in the series just for the dog love story sub plot alone.  But there isn’t a bad or even mediocre book in this entire series so you can’t go wrong picking it up.

We’re also treated to the birth of Chloe and Chase’s baby girl!  This is the reason I love a series, you still get to be involved in the lives of characters you’ve grown to love over time.

We’ve got two more to go in the Bella Andre take over, next we’ll hear about Ryan Sullivan, hot single and ready to mingle professional league baseball player.


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