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Authors, or at least their PR people and publishers need to stop comparing every work of erotic fiction being released to FSoG.  I know, I know, it’s wildly popular, and everyone and their mail-carrier has read it, but it does a disservice to the really amazing books out there who get stuck on the Grey Train.

This book is an excellent example of how t0 write an erotic romance, this one even has a heaping helping of suspense, and it works, man oh man does it work, it kept me turning the “pages” and up late trying to figure it all out.

Sara McMillan, a school teacher with a degree in art, has a best friend who has decided she’s going to make it rich buying storage units and selling their contents, you know like how all those super rich people on that cable show have done… because that’s totally working.  Anyhow, in the storage unit Sara’s friend Ella bought there was a box full of someone’s journals, like hot, super spicy I want to live vicariously though you journals.  Sara picks up the journal originally thinking it belongs to Ella, so not the case.

In the first of many people who suddenly disappear from Sara’s life, Ella’s hot doctor boyfriend has proposed, and they’re eloping, so Ella leaves her the keys to the unit and heads off for god only knows how long, and to god only knows where.

Sara becomes obsessed with the journals, with finding Rebecca, and ultimately with living her life.

She ends up with Rebecca’s job at the gallery, and tied into the lives of the men, and the intrigue of Rebecca’s life.  Who can she trust?  Who should she even believe… it’s difficult to tell the possible suspects and allies from each other… and people keep disappearing, for short spurts, long spurts, contact is limited, and Sara’s already frenzied conspiracy theoried brain continues to froth and spin…

Has she bitten of more than she can handle, insinuating herself into the gallery, and becoming involved with Mark the gallery owner, and Chris, an artist who were both important players in Rebecca’s life?  And what about Ava at the coffee shop…aye aye aye…

This book sucked me in, putting it down to eat, sleep, answer the call of nature was annoying as hell, I can’t wait for the next book in the series, and the voyeur in me is even more excited that they are releasing, in pieces, “Rebecca’s Journals”.  Also, these books have been opted by Starz for a new series.  In other news the As Seen… household will be subscribing to Starz.

If you like mystery, intrigue, hot men, kinky sex, and more mystery, and reading other peoples diaries, run, do not walk to one-click this, and pre-order everything else, because you need to read these books.

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