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Today is day 4 of the Bella Andre blog take-over, and of all the seven books we’ll be reviewing this week this is hands down my favorite.

Sophie Sullivan, mild mannered librarian  has been in love with Jake McCann, rough around the edges tattooed bar owner, since she was five years old and he walked into her back yard with her brother Zach.  From that day on Zach became the unofficial 9th Sullivan kid.

Finally on the day of Chase and Chloe at Marcus’ vineyard Sophie decides enough is enough and makes a plan to take matters into her own hands.  She spends the day shamelessly flirting, gets all dolled up and even tries to convince him to help her make an ex-boyfriend feel jealous.  Jake sees through her plan and after a crazy hot kiss and a dance Jake warns her off.

Thing is Jake is in love with Sophie too, but doesn’t feel like he’s good enough for her.

Sophie in a last ditch effort shows up at Jake’s Napa rental house, waltzes right in and drops her pretty pink bridesmaid and finally unable to resist she and Jake share a night of wild unbridled passion.  Waking in the early dawn hours Jake freaks, grabs his things and sneaks out leaving Sophie alone and confused.

She decides enough is enough and tries to move on, but that one night of passion turned into something much more permanent, Sophie (or “Nice” as she’s called by her siblings) is pregnant, with Jake’s baby.

She decides the right thing to do is let Jake know about the baby but make it clear she expects nothing from him.  After his initial panic he decides this is the one thing that could help him love and deserve Sophie so he asks her to marry him, after her initial refusal he asks her to give him just 7 days to prove that they belong together.

The seven days are full of twists and turns and ups and downs.  I promise you will not be disappointed with the story or with the outcome.  Just make sure to have a tissue or two in hand, because you just night need it.  Jake’s secret fills him with shame and getting past that and Sophie’s insecurities aren’t as easy as some other couples in the series.

The ladies in my book club all talk about main characters and heroes from the stories as “book boyfriends”, if I had to pick a character for myself to fill that role it would be Jake McCann every day of the week.

Yesterday Bella and Novel Publicity who are helping her with this blog tour hosted a  Twitter chat.  Bella dropped some info about the new Sullivan Novella introducing the Seattle Sullivan’s and gave us a release for the date of the final book in the San Francisco, yelling Lori’s (Naughty’s) story.  We’ll expect that book on March 8 and sometime in the winter of 2013 we’ll even get a Mary Sullivan story.

We’ll finally meet Lori’s hero, and we’re told it’ll be a bit of a surprise/shock.

Run, click, buy and read.  I’ve read this more than once, and love the audio book.

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