As Seen Through My Specs

I love, love, LOVE this series, and I’ve been waiting for Jace’s story, something about him has struck a chord in me, he’s all still waters run deep, and that’s really fucking hot. The publisher released these books out of order so I had to wait longer for this one than I wanted, but so worth the wait.

Jace first saw Aggie (Mistress V) during Brian’s bachelor party, you know, the one where there was a brawl, a baseball bat and drama… He is instantly taken by her, and her whip, and her hard edge.

Aggie sees Jace, so young looking, so sweet, she doesn’t date clients, and she certainly doesn’t sleep with them but there is a quiet something about Jace that she can’t put her finger on, but she needs to know him.

He feels the same pull, and on the plus side she can hurt him, Jace needs to be hurt, he feels a deep and abiding need to be punished, we learn the “for what” as the story goes on, but he needs the pain to feel, to feel alive, for sexual release, he just wants her to beat the ever loving shit out of him.

As a professional Dominatrix she wants, and also kind of needs, to dole out that pain, they’re a match made in heaven, or wherever the kinky people go. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts crazy as they explore the pain, and the incredible pleasure they can share.

There is band drama, and mom drama, and a history that haunts Jace, ties him to the band, and that no one sees coming.

I loved this book, the BEST in the series. This book was everything I was hoping for and oh so much more, thanks Olivia!

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