As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Colleen Hoover Genre: , , ,

So sometimes I’m at the bleeding edge of new romantic/erotic/contemporary fiction, and sometimes I’m late to the party… I’m SUPER late to the party on this one.  In preparation for the Boston Authors Event this weekend, I wanted to read at least one book from each of the authors who write in genres I enjoy.  I cannot tell you how much I loved this book, people have been praising it forever, but I’m lazy and sometimes I just like to read smutty books, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m so glad I picked this up.

Meet Sky (Linden Sky Davis), a smart, and until recently home schooled girl on the cusp of 18.  She lives with Karen, her adoptive mother, and next door to her best friend 6.  They are constantly in and out of each others windows, and full enmeshed in each others life as the quintessential besties.

Now Sky may be smart, but when it comes to boys, not so much.  She’s made out with a lot of boys, but never feels anything for them, she feels empty, and wonders if she’s broken.  You know there has to be some pretty good back story on this, right?

Sky talks her xenophobic/techphobic/hippie mom into letting her enroll in high school for her senior year, extracurriculars and interacting with kids her own age will do her a world of good before she heads off to college.

Wrench in plan though… part of the reason she registers for school is to spend time with 6, but 6 is headed off to Italy on an exchange program, rather than back out Sky presses on, knowing no one.

As often the case Day 1 of high school begins a whirling vortex of hell and insanity.  Wait, that wasn’t your experience?  Her reputation precedes her, boys brag, and apparently she’s the sluttiest girl to ever darken the halls of her school.  Her first day brings crumpled $1 bills and mean notes on her locker.  But for some of us day 1 also brings something special, and for Sky it’s her self proclaimed new very best friend for life/forever Breckin, he’s Mormon… and gay, wave your flag, wear your hot-pink fuck the world I don’t care gay, and he’s awesome.

Day 1  of high school also brings a not so quiet storm into her life in the form of Holder, Dean Holder, he of the sweaty chest running track, the brooding stares, the insane, “Hey, wait, I know you, who are you?  Oh, I thought you were someone else.”  Holder is down right scary, he makes PMS look like a picnic with fluffy bunnies, and rainbows and cupcakes.  Of course they are drawn together, or thrown together as fate does…

Their relationship and their lives and those in their orbit takes us on a crazy, insane, grab your tissues, emotional ride.  Seriously, I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats.  I’m only sorry it took me so long to get here, I hope Colleen can forgive me and won’t kick my ass for being, like, the last book blogger in the Universe to have read this one.

Pick it up, read it, love it… I promise, it’s so worth it…

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