As Seen Through My Specs

A few months ago this book (books 1&2 in a series of 3) was getting lots of hype so I bought it and it’s sat in my Kindle’s TBR pile for ages.  I decided to start the series over the weekend to walk away from my edits before I made myself crazy.

Because this is the biggest Trope in the universe these days, young virginal girl, who is maybe a little troubled, gets mixed up with older (but not too much older) guy who is wealthy, dark and broody and is one kinky mother f***er.  I’m reviewing the books together because they tell the same story but one is from Emma’s POV and other is from William’s POV.

Emma is a sad, lonely college student living with her aunt in Florida.  Her parents are dead, and it seems like there is more to it, but we just don’t know and even as the first two books close we never find out.  She’s a little self destructive and just trying to make it through the day.

William, a sad, lonely divorced Dom (who is also wealthy) has taken a job teaching a class at a local college to cover for a professor who is out on medical leave.  He’s been drifting from fling to fling, currently sleeping with a married secretary at the college.  But he wants more, and he’s decided it’s time to find himself an actual submissive.

In walks Emma, late to class, head down, all apologetic and innocent looking.  She’s a student so William tries to put her out of his mind, but she seems so naturally submissive, and when their eyes meet they are like magnets drawn together.

Catching Emma, and some other students (who bail on her) smoking pot William decides her self destructive behavior needs to stop and that she needs some discipline.  So what would any good college professor who is also a Dom do?  Well bend her over his desk and spank her senseless of course.

I work at a college, I’m pretty sure that shit doesn’t happen… let me take that back, I’m *reasonably* sure that shit doesn’t happen…

Their relationship escalates to a sexual one where William takes Emma’s virginity, and then feels pretty crappy about it.  He wants her, but knows he shouldn’t, there are outside and opposing forces at work and plenty of mystery which starts to make more and more sense at the end of book two.  Both Emma and William seem to be on paths of self destruction, and when they are together it is almost as if they are in some kind of nuclear arms assured mutual destruction pact.

Except for the bomb at the end of the book.  I am eagerly reading the third book in the story because I’m not sure how this can all play out.

Ms. Mummert did a great job of keeping me engaged and guessing and salivating for the next story, I was not distracted by anything shiny while reading these two books, and for me that’s a big deal.

Pick them up, they’re worth your time, I’m sorry I let them sit in my TBR for so long.

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