As Seen Through My Specs

Olivia once again delivers with a peek into the life of the happily ever after of some of America’s favorite rock stars, the Sinners. This books lovingly crafts wedding tales for Sed & Jess, Myrna &Brian, Eric &Rebecca and my all time favorites Jace & Aggie. You’ll notice that Reagan,Trey &Ethan don’t get their own section here and that’s ok. Ending the book with me in tears over Aggie and Jace was perfection in my mind.  Plus there is a metric ton of hot spicy sex throughout, as if we’d expect less of our boys…

In a way I am glad although we got to see bits of them, as Reagan, s full fledged member of Exodus End will be getting her own book in the new series I was pleased to see they weren’t tied up in a neat little knot just yet. I feel like they have some more angst and drama as a triad to come along and work through.

This book is truly a love letter to all the Sinners fans, and I for one can’t wait for more. Excellent work Miss Olivia, keep the awesome coming. Also can’t wait for the Exodus End Series to come along, I feel like Dare is going to be a layered beast who we’ve only scratched the surface of as yet.

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