As Seen Through My Specs

OK, seriously, I want to send Tara a muffin basket, like weekly, because these books are painfully funny.  Why painfully?  Because from the first page I’m laughing so hard I’m in pain, serious pain.

This story picks up as Claire and Carter and foul mouthed, always inappropriate Gavin begin the next chapter of their lives together, their group of friends are maturing and everyone is growing up, right?  Oh please… this is a book by Tara, their is hilarity, mayhem and excessive use of the word vagina.

Claire has the same dream so many of us women have, those of us who sleep with a snorer, you know, the whole smother/choke thing to make it stop, because it never does, and we never will because smothering your spouse is illegal… is that all 50 states now?

They don’t have a perfect life, their friends don’t have perfect lives, and their parents…… his parents are a wee bit uptight and hers plays dinner roll baseball.  Don’t even get me started on the over usage of penises at a bachelorette party.

I promise, you will laugh start to finish, and then you will get up, change your knickers and towel off the sofa, and then you’ll go and one-click the next book in the series, and you’ll be thanking me, and more deservedly Tara for this laugh riot roller coaster ride…

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