As Seen Through My Specs

After finding his ice-bitch of a girlfriend in bed with another man Marcus Sullivan, vintner, is a man on a mission, find a night club, find a hottie, lose himself in a one night stand.

Nicola, or Nico as fans of her popstar persona call her, is lonely, and locked up in a huge hotel suite in San Francisco.  The tabloids have branded her as a bad girl and tonight she decides instead of just sitting in the suite with a pint of ice cream she’ll tart herself up and go and be that bad girl for a change, instead of the quiet girl, wearing sweatpants and watching tv.

What ensues is the worst one night stand EVER.

Meeting in the club, they exchange heated glances, first names and then walk out together headed for a good time.  Not wanting to go back to her hotel, because she know she’ll be recognized Marcus makes us of his brother Smith’s house (we’ll meet him later).  Getting cold feet Nicola asks Marcus how she knows she can trust him, handing her his cell phone he tells her to call anyone there, she calls him Mom, seriously, his Mom is the one who vouches for his trustworthiness allowing this one night stand to happen.  She falls asleep on the way to their destination and then sleeps through the night.  After some hurt feelings and a really hot kiss they part thinking they’ll never see each other again.

But I’ve said it before, Fate’s kind of a brat and it always goes her way.

Marcus, the oldest of our Sullivan’s gets a call from his baby sister Lori to come and visit him at work, on the set of the new video she’s choreographing, yeah you know where this is going.

Marcus meet Nico, Nico meet Marcus, Lori’s oldest, and sweetest brother.  Again there are some hurt feelings and a few angry words tossed about, but this is a second change at something and after Lori “guilts” Marcus into seeing Nicola back to her hotel they decide to grab onto that chance.  Never mind that he thinks that at 36 he’s too old for a 25 year old pop princess.  But the experience shakes them both to their core.

One night isn’t enough, so while she’s in town they agree to have a no strings relationship… yeah we all know how that worked for Chase and Chloe.  After almost a week of togetherness they go their separate ways, again with some hurt feelings… until Lori invites Nicola over to Sunday at Mom’s house to introduce her to her handsome fire fighter brother (having no idea she’s been getting hot and sweaty and a little submissive with Master Marcus).  Brother’s fight, the lovebirds fight, it’s a three ring circus, in the awesomest way possible.

What follows is the ups and downs and in and outs of a relationship between a popstar with a wild life and a man who prefers the peace and solitude of his vines in Napa.

Will they make it work?  You know you want to find out, so click and buy, because this second book in the series does NOT disappoint.

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