As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Maya Banks Genre: , , ,

Jace and Ash like to share women, there’s no jealousy, no drama, just steamy hot sex… it’s how they roll, their kink isn’t a huge secret, even Jace’s sister Mia knows about it.  And it’s at Mia and Gabe’s engagement party where Jace sees Bethany across the room, she’s working the event, he is of course hosting the event, in the hotel, that he owns… For the first time he feels a pull to a woman, who he wants just for himself, a feral, caveman craving to take her away and horde her to himself.

Ash, being the ultimate wingman, notices his interest in the pretty girl, and Ash thinks she’s hot too so why not, and corners her in the kitchen and propositions her….

Bethany is hiding out in the kitchen, handing over the cash she’d been paid so far to her “brother” Jack, she knows that despite his promises and stories he’s going to use the money for drugs, or booze or something else wasteful and destructive, and she’s only going to have the last half of the cash they’ll pay her when she’s done working bussing tables, it’ll buy her some food, and hopefully she’ll find a place to spend the night, because Bethany, eye catching, beautiful, kind, is also homeless… an unfortunate, but not completely uncommon story for someone who ages out of the system…

So back to the proposition, although a little off put by Ash, she agrees, there’s dinner, and maybe a place to sleep, plus they are handsome and she wants to feel good and forget.  He wants to go now, she needs to finish her shift, she needs the money, Ash offers to pay her to get her into their clutches faster, but she refuses his money, having dinner together and having sex is one thing, feeling like you’re being paid for sex is not ok… not for Bethany…

Once they make it to the room, although grateful Jace is starting to feel possessive, caveman, and kinda jealous, they ignite and burn in passion.  After a night of hot, steamy, sheet melting sex Bethany disappears, but Jace can’t forget her, and after trying and failing he decides to hunt her down, showing up at her home address which turns out to be a homeless shelter, he is taken aback, it doesn’t turn him off or away that she’s homeless, but she isn’t there and his hunt continues, because he is a man possessed, even if they don’t end up together he wants to help her, and the other women in that shelter.

In dramatic fashion he does find her, and she’s hurt, a “friend” of Jack’s found her and roughed her up trying to get their money, which she doesn’t have.  She’s had a bad run of luck overall, aging out of the system, a car accident, an addiction to pain pills which she eventually beat… Jace finding her, wanting her, obsessing with her, he want to truly give her a Cinderella story…

The book moves into their long story, weaving in, out and around, trying to figure out how they fit, if they fit, dealing with a sad abandoned Ash, and how Jack fits into all of this…

The sex was hot, like smoking hot, melt your panties hot, but it was damn long (which was ok because it was a spendy book, as all hers are) but I felt it meandered and while I love the series, I only liked the book.  I can do suspension of disbelief, I read like a crazy person, but this was just too… too… I don’t know, just too…  I mean I can suspend my disbelief and buy the stories in Shayla Black’s Masters of Menage series (it’s a guilty pleasure thing, don’t judge) but for reasons I cannot quite articulate (obviously) I had trouble just buying  this and moving past it.

It’s still an enjoyable volume in the series, but not her best book by a mile.

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