As Seen Through My Specs

Welcome to book #2 in the Brown family series, in this volume we learn Brody’s story.

Brody, older brother who raised his siblings after his parent’s death, amazing tattoo artist, biker and all around hottie.  Brody is living the chill life of a single man in his late 30’s, he likes his quiet house, his very busy shop and his on again, off again relationship with Raven, although he’s noticed the pretty mom who just moved in across the street, but doesn’t pay her much mind as surely there’s a dad in that house too.

Everything in his life flips over, literally when Brody is hit by a car in a hit and run and Elise and her daughter Rennie (Irene) see this while gardening and run across the way to help and call 911.  Help arrives and Elise calls Erin at Brody’s request because as we’ve learned in the previous volume Erin has issues with hospitals, crime and disaster in life.

Brody’s ok, and he learns there is no dad at home (he’s dead) and he starts having some naughty thoughts about the sweet little mom across the way.  Meanwhile in said rental house across the way Elise has been having some very, very naughty thoughts about Brody all along which she files away for her spank bank later, she is a lonely single mom after all and a healthy vibrant woman with needs.

Rennie and the Universe work to put Brody and Elise together over and over again until they decide to start a steamy, no strings affair, neither want complications and this is the way to go, right?  Over and over they slowly meld into each others lives until they spend more time together than apart, but they’re just a casual fling… yup, that’s all they are.  Yeah, you’ve read this trope before, we know how this will turn out.

This is a Lauren Dane book, there is plenty of hot spicy sex, in a bed, in a ballet studio against the barre, on the desk in Brody’s office at his tattoo shop, seriously once they start these two just keep on humping like bunnies.

Pretty ballerina Elise and hunky inked up Brody slowly develop much deeper feelings for each other though neither will admit it.  During the course of this year Rennie’s paternal grandparents, who have been trying to wrest custody away from Elise because they feel she isn’t worthy of raising their grandchild as well as the other reason which relates to the twist.

Will they smarten up, realize they are in love and work on a future… perhaps after a few smacks in the head from their friends and family.

Another solid outing for Lauren Dane, I’ve read it twice and may read it again, I love the Browns and they way they love without hesitation and live without worrying what anyone else thinks.

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