As Seen Through My Specs

While out for a morning of taking scenic photos, Natalie Connor ends up getting mugged, or so she thinks.  Her alleged mugger is Luke Williams, former Hollywood hottie, and star of a very popular series of vampire movies.  Luke thinks she’s paparazzi and tries to take her camera and delete her images, turns out she’s just taking pictures of the scenery on the beach where she lives.

What follows is the really well done love story of Luke and Natalie.  This book has been floating through my book club and the most recent book in this series was released recently.  It was getting tons of great buzz so I bumped it up the TBR and am so glad I did.

Natalie is an orphan, living with a friend Jules, selling her scenic photos through local shoppes, while also doing erotic photography (think boudoir shots and couples).

Luke is a bit of a loner who has left the crazy Hollywood machine after an event with a crazed fan.

There are the ups and downs of romance, and some pretty serious misunderstanding all along the way (communication people seriously).  Luke is one of the most romantic fictional characters I’ve read in a long time, I found myself saying awww more than once during the read, and don’t you worry, there’s some spicy sex in here too, something for everyone.

Will they make it, can they overcome the drama?

Click, buy and find out, because this is one hell of a read!

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