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So here we are, Book , and the last day of Sullivan Reviews here at As Seen… Fret not readers Bella has announced that Lori’s Book, Always on My Mind will be released March 5, 2013!!  Can’t wait, but for now let’s get back to Smith…

Smith Sullivan lives the life of an A-List big time Hollywood movie star, but at this point in his career he’s branching out, and he’s not just acting, he’s writing, producing and directing, and this is his big debut wearing all those hats.  Gravity, one little word, so much riding on it.

Smith has cast a relatively new unknown actress Tatiana Landon… I know what you’re thinking, Smith’s going to fall in love with the young ingenue… you are so very, very wrong.

From the moment Smith meet’s Tatiana’a older sister Valentina he’s intrigued.  Valentina is a tough tiger protecting her little sister from the evils of show business and acting as her manager, and she lays down the law with Smith right away, her little sister will not be one of his playthings, end of story.  She has not time, or interest in a movie star.  Her mom was a fame hungry woman, and that’s not her.

He asks her out, she turns him down, they’ll just be friends… and I’m a natural red-head… wait, don’t tell my husband I’m not 😉

He woos her with sweet deeds, sweet treats and flowers with meaning, simple ways to show he’s not like the actors her mother tramps around with, that he’s just a man, interested in a woman.  If there’s anything these Sullivan men know how to do, it’s turn on the woo, and Smith is all over the woo… like woah.  But after their first kiss Smith says he’ll back off and won’t kiss her until she asks.

After a romantic moonlight boat trip to arguably the least romantic date location ever, I mean really, Alcatraz?  It’s been 17 years since the movie, and I’ve even been to Alcatraz myself, but all I can think of when I hear about it is Sean Connery and his brogue welcoming us to “The Rock”.  The romance and tension of it all is too hard to resist, and she kisses him, long, hard and like crazy.

They agree to one night of passion, Smith begrudgingly so… There’s a little morning after drama and Val heads of to a quiet sisters spa day, or so she thinks.  Tatiana thought it would be awesome to invite Smith’s sisters and sisters-in-law to join them.  The girls all know how those one night only things with a Sullivan work out… we’ve got what now? 3 babies, a few engagements, a marriage or two… Val has it coming at her from all sides, how in the hell is she going to resist this?

She can’t, and neither can he, and we twist and turn, and feelings are hurt and there are misunderstandings, but stay for the entire movie, because the weight of the story is worth it…

I’m excited to announce that a release date has been set for Naughty’s book and it’s actually available for pre-order on Amazon, Always On My Mind will tell Lori’s love story, and from the blurb it sounds well worth the wait.  March 5th at a e-bookseller near you!


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