As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Bella Andre Genre: , , , ,

Gabe Sullivan is a firefighter, single, handsome and from a close knit family, and always a hero though he’d never admit it.

Megan Harris, accountant, widow, single mom, and now fire victim.

Out on a call a frantic neighbor begs Gabe to go back in because Megan and her little girl Summer are believed to be trapped inside.  Even after he’s told it’s far too dangerous he barrels in anyway.  Finding them clinging to each other in the bathtub he rescues them and suffers a serious injury himself.

Grateful for second chance the firefighter gave them Megan is determined to thank Gabe in person.  They meet first in the hospital where he’s being treated.  There is an instant connection but Gabe tries to squash it down, he’s dated a fire victim before and it didn’t go well, so he’s sworn off ever doing it again.  She feels it too but he’s so gruff to her, although he’s kind to Summer she’s gunshy so she gives her thanks and goes on her way.

Fate, disguised as Summer decides to bring them together, and tries and tries. She bakes muffins to thank the firemen after they’ve moved in to a new place.  When delivering the muffins it’s a shock to all when it turns out that Megan went to college with Gabe’s sister Sophie.  The two women reconnect and Sophie gets in on the not so subtle matchmaking attempts as well.

But Megan has her own baggage, her husband died doing a dangerous job and she never wants to be put in that position again, so she shields her feelings for Gabe, trying best to move past it.

Summer and Sophie and Fate are having none of that, putting Megan and Gabe together whenever they can and after stumbling across each other in Tahoe they finally decide to just relent and give into the mutual attraction for a nice no strings relationship… yeah we’ve heard this Sullivan song and dance, we know how that works.  But can they both work past, well their past…

I liked this book start to finish, it was dramatic, sweet, romantic and funny.  Summer and Sophie meddled their little hearts out, and really who’s going to say no to an adorable little kid?

Tomorrow we’ll be reviewing book #4, Sophie’s story, which is my favorite of the bunch!  See you there!


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