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Broken is the debut novel for new author Christa Cervone, and it’s a very strong first outing.

First love is rarely meant to be true love and the love of your life, but sometimes, if you’re lucky and the love was truly worthy the Universe gives you a second chance.

Meet Leila, photographer, part time barmaid, living with her cat Molly.  She has two amazing best friends, Nicole and Hillary and a love for photography instilled by her grandmother but not much else these days.  Leila is in a crazy spiral of self-hatred and self-destruction, between the booze and the sex, she’s one bender away from something really bad happening to her, and she knows it, even though she can’t seem to stop it.  She feels empty, this is how she copes.

After a particularly shitty night she has a wedding to go off and shoot for her day job.  The Bride and Douche of Honor are straight up out of the Jersey Shore *insert fist pump here*, and if she didn’t think it could get any worse while setting herself up for the day she runs into Garrett, her first love.  Being the bitch Fate is, he’s there as the date of the Douche of Honor, in his dress blues, looking like a dream.  He seems truly happy to see her, while she’s losing her shit and trying to hold it together until her work is over.  He tries to say goodbye, while she’s just trying to escape, while Katy Perry’s ‘The One That Got Away’ is playing on her radio.  That Fate bitch has some set of balls.

When he left her years ago… for what seemed a good reason to him at the time… she was destroyed, and seeing him again churns all this up for her.  She hasn’t had a peep from him in years, he disappeared.

He didn’t really disappear, because nothing in the Universe is ever truly lost, matter can only transform (as my 9th grade science teacher would say every time anyone said they lost their homework).  After trying to figure out his own life he became a Marine, served overseas and lost his leg.  He’s home, working and training other Marines, but something is missing in his life too, he hasn’t filed it with meaningless sex, but there’s been some booze and a lot of regret.  He’s been pining over Leila since he left, and a misunderstanding stopped them from an earlier attempt at reconciliation.

But as the Fates intend things happen exactly when and how they should and they begin a fiery reconciliation, secrets are shared, regrets are shared and blame is laid to waste, and together they work on getting their shit together.

Christa does a really great job at taking us through to their ultimate end game.  The story is captivating and keeps you turning those pages to learn their back-story and find out if they can make it work.

In a world of series’ this one is a stand alone, and it’s a damn fine effort, congrats on the success Christa.  Christa was also kind enough to do an interview for us at As Seen… our very first interview, so click up above on the menu bar to jump to the interview, and the contest, that’s right I’m giving stuff away!

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