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A big welcome to guest reviewer Jen S. , I’ve been looking to branch out into some different genres and inviting in guest reviewers, so lets take a step into the vampire, paranormal and see what this story has for us…

What happens when a mischievous young woman on the marriage mart would prefer to write Gothic novels decides to do everything opposite of what her marriage minded mama wants? She catches attention of the Lord Vampire of London, who masquerades as the Duke of Burnrath.  But he doesn’t want to be caught by marriage bug either because that would open too many questions about why the Duke doesn’t age or enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, our damsel, Angelica Wentworth, allows her imagination get the best of her and sneaking around the Dukes house causes her to be ‘ruined’.

And if you’re a fan of Victorian era romance novels, you know what that means…RUINATION!!

But in this book, Angelica doesn’t act like she’s supposed to and happiness isn’t easily achieved.  Also, there is a second love story intertwined that lends to nice twists and turns to usual the girl meets boy story.

This book allows the reader to see what it would be like if Vampires walked amongst the Ton and how they would have to deal with the societal duties that everyone had to tolerate. The only thing missing was a nice wolf trying to fight away a maiden during the full moon! It’s a delightful read if you need something to bite you on a dreary afternoon or right before going to bed. Just don’t leave your windows open, you never know what will fly in and visit you in the middle of the night.

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