As Seen Through My Specs

Been a few days since I’ve put together a review, although I’ve probably finished 4 or 5 (OK closer to 10) books.

I, gentle readers, decided to do NaNoWriMo this year and actually write a book of my own.  The book is complete and now I am in edits, getting ready to send to my beta readers and trying to figure out how the hell I find cover art and copyright the damn thing, but I digress.

So I recently joined another book group on Facebook (I think this now makes 3), and everyone was raving about this series of books, the “Sinners” books, it’s a series, and you know me, I loves me a series, although I think what I said on FB was that I’m a series whore, but you know in that classy, I don’t sleep around or get paid for it kinda way.  OK enough, now I will actually review the damn book, which was pretty good.

This is the first in a series of five books *squeeeee* about a rock band on tour and everyone’s journey towards their own HEA. Book one is about Brian, the lead singer of Sinners.  He’s losing his spark, his creative muse has left him, he’s feeling down right shit.

One night as the fates would have it he’s in a hotel bar and Myrna Evans, a professor of psychology and human sexuality, there for a conference happens upon the band in said bar and sits down for a chat.  She’s a fan of the group, but is also interested in what makes them, and more importantly their groupies tick.

She and Brian hit it off right away, and sparks fly.  There is plenty of sex in this book, and it appears that while he’s balls deep in Professor Evans his muse arrives and he can hear it clearly and write the music again, sometimes actually on Myrna, like on her skin on her while doing the deed.  I don’t know about you, but this might kill the mood for me, also I’m kinda ticklish, so it probably would kill the mood for me.

She ends up spending time with the band following them around learning about the sub-culture that is a touring rock group.  Fear of losing her job as she’s recently lost her federal funding gives her the bright idea to write a grant proposal to study groupies and their reasons behind their perceived and actual promiscuity when it comes to the rockers they lust after.

It’s an erotic romance, there are twists and turns, angst and plenty of sexy time.  It was a good read.  My only problem is my day job is in research, and the whole time she’s talking about her grant and interviewing her subjects I’m worried about whether or not she’s obtained the appropriate approvals to do all of this, where is her IRB, does her grants and contracts office know that she’s basically paying for a summer on a tour bus, is she getting informed consent from the participants before interviewing them, hell if they’re half drunk or high can they even truly provide informed consent.

If I could have gotten out of my head and my work this would have been a great read, but that’s my own baggage.  I think Brian and Myrna meshed well together, she was a calming influence when he was wild and adrift and he showed her letting her hair down is just as important as being responsible.

This was my first foray into the rosk-star sub-genre of romance/erotica/erotic-romance, and it likely won’t be my last, because somewhere deep down all girls have at least a little thing for bad boy rockers who are all inky and sweaty and wild, right? or is that just me and the ladies in my book group?

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