As Seen Through My Specs
Author: Elene Sallinger Genre: , ,

Claire Ryan is working her way back into life after the end of a disastrous ten year relationship.  As a way to rejoin the land of the living she joins a romance book group at a local bookstore.

Evan Lang, the bookstore owner is still living in the dark.  His wife died and he clings to her memory to the exclusion of interaction with people beyond the running of her business.  But when Claire walks in a spark of life begins to ignite inside him.  But Evan’s wife wasn’t only his wife, she was his submissive.  Evan has no desire to find romance, love or sex again, but the pull of Claire has him conflicted.

Claire’s relationship wasn’t just disastrous it was abusive in both directions and she doesn’t ever want to be there again so she’s shut away her heart as well.  As part of a romance book club she spends time perusing that section of Evan’s lovely store and wanders across the erotic romances.  After picking up the first one her libido and desire return, along with a whole lot of confusion.

Evan notices what she’s sitting comfortably reading, and more importantly her reaction to it.  Although he keeps his distance he starts leaving out stories for her to read, guiding her education into the erotic world of BDSM.  The situation escalates and they find themselves embroiled in a physical, but not romantic, relationship.  As best laid plans always go, things don’t stick to plan and Claire and Evan have to wade through the riptide they create.

I found the book enjoyable, the story was engaging.  As a person who grew up in an abusive household I personally struggled with the nature of Claire’s broken marriage and they abuse that took place, but it was a vehicle to bring the two together.  The supporting characters were strong and gave me the feeling that this world can and will be fleshed out further.

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