As Seen Through My Specs

So I still have the boot print in my ass as I kick myself for taking so damn long to fall in book love with Ethan Blacsktone… and seriously, the use of David Gandy as inspiration for many readers… utter perfection… OK, not that I’ve cleaned the drool off my keyboard…

Brynne’s figured out Ethan’s ulterior motives and she isn’t sure she can trust anything he says.  But as stubborn as she wants to be, there is still danger lurking and as the political season in the US is heating up, never mind his day job with the Olympic security in London, now more than ever Ethan needs to convince Brynne that she has to trust him, and maybe let him back in, if for nothing else than to keep herself alive.

Ethan is a broken man right now, his web has unraveled and Brynne is adrift as well,  but he’s also no fool and isn’t above using the situation to his advantage.  Start to finish, every bit and byte Raine has me hooked into their world and betting on them, and you will too.. honest…

I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, Eyes Wide Open, which releases later this month, and it has certainly put me of a mind that I was to examine her back list a little more.

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